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The first cell phone was invented on April 3, 1973, and it revolutionized the way we communicate. In today’s world, could you imagine living without a cell phone? It is nearly impossible to navigate your way around today’s landscape without the help of a cell phone. When your cell phone breaks it can be devastating, and Gadget Savers is on standby to bring your broken cell phone back to life in Cell Phone Repair Washington Long Beach CA. No matter what it is, a broken screen, a dead battery, or a cell phone that won’t charge, Gadget Savers highly trained technicians can have your cell phone back up and running in as little as an hour after you drop it off!

Gadget Ssavers has been providing Cell Phone Repair Washington Long Beach CA. Our cell phone repair service is unmatched because of highly trained technicians, impeccable customer service, and our affordable prices. Our cell phone repair facility is located in downtown Long Beach, CA 90802. Visit us today for a speedy cell phone repair. We also validate parking at our downtown long beach location.

Cell Phone Repair Services:

  • Cell Phone Screen Repair

  • Cell Phone Battery Replacement

  • Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

  • Cell Phone Camera Repair

  • Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

  • Cell Phone Data Recovery


Cell Phone Screen Repair

Cell phone screen repair has not always been the biggest issue. It wasn’t until cell phones starting carrying large all-glass touch screen displays. This revolution of cell phones displays caused a major problem for consumers. Cell phone consumers screens would break and they were not a quick way to get it fixed. This is where Gadget Savers comes into play, we offer Cell Phone Repair Washington Long Beach CA. Gadget Savers stocks a wide variety of cell phone screens, and all cell phone screen repairs are done in-house by one of our qualified technicians. If you ever need Cell Phone Repair Washington Long Beach CA please contact us today for a price quote.

Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

Cell phones are constantly being plugged in and out of a power cord. After being unplugged and replugged in so many time, the cell phones charging port can wear and eventually end in catastrophic failure. Cell phone charging port repair is one of the most common repairs that Gadget Savers does. We stock a huge variety of charging ports for all kinds of cell phones. Charging port repairs generally only take about 30 minutes after the phone is dropped off.

Cell Phone Battery Replacements

Cell phone batteries have a lifespan just like any other battery. Cell phone batteries generally only last about 2 years before they need to be replaced. The reason that batteries only last this long is because after the cells in the battery have been charged and discharged so many times, they begin to wear out. After the cells wear out in a battery they cannot be repaired, you must replace the whole battery. Gadget savers stocks a huge variety of cell phone batteries in store and can have your cell phone battery replaced in as little as 15 minutes after drop off. Visit Gadget Savers today for a quick and professional cell phone battery replacement.

Cell Phone Camera Repair

Cell phones have not only changed the way we communicate with one another, but they changed the photography industry. Cell phone cameras have become extremely good, and most people use their cell phones when taking pictures at family parties, or just in general. When your cell phone camera breaks it can be very annoying not being able to capture the most important moments in your life. Gadget Savers has repaired an uncountable number of cell phone cameras. Cell phone camera repairs generally only take about 30 minutes to complete after it is dropped off to one of our facilities.

Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

Your cell phone ear speaker is an extremely important but fragile part of your cell phone. The cell phone ear speaker controls the sound that allows you to hear other people talk on the phone. If your cell phone ear speaker becomes muffled, or stops working all together it can be very annoying because you have to put people on speaker phone in order to hear them. Gadget Savers can fix your cell phone ear speaker in less than 30 minutes after you drop off your phone. Visit Gadget Savers today!

Cell Phone Data Recovery

Cell phones capture our most important moments and store them on such a fragile piece of technology. We carry our cell phones everywhere we go which increases the chance of something being damaged on your cell phone. If your cell phone breaks and there is important information on it, it can be nerve-wracking. We always tell our customers to back up their important information just in case of a disaster. If you did not back up your cell phones data, Gadget Savers can help with our cell phone data recovery service. We can extract data from your cell phone and put it on a USB drive for safe keeping. If you need cell phone data recovery please don’t hesitate to contact Gadget Savers today!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Here at Gadget Savers, we take pride in our warranty policy. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Cell Phone Repair Washington Long Beach CA. This means that some repairs come with a lifetime warranty, which is stated in our warranty policy page. Our warranty does not cover physical damage, it only covers our parts and our workmanship. We try our hardest but It is impossible to get around defects when repairing electronics, and we are prepared to warranty any parts that may become defective over time.

Highest Quality Parts

Gadget Savers goes the extra mile by using the highest quality parts on the market. High-quality parts provide a long lasting Cell Phone Repair Washington Long Beach CA. Over the years we have built amazing relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Our parts meet OEM specification. If you have any questions about the parts we use, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Price Match Guarantee

If you can find a lower price at another shop in Long Beach, not only will we match the price, but we will also throw on a free tempered glass screen protector.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach on the intersection of Long Beach Blvd. and Broadway. We validate parking!

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