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Computer Repair
Computer Repair

Computer repair is one of the main services that we offer at Gadget Savers. Computers are consumers main powerhouse when it comes to completing intensive tasks. When one of our customer’s computer breaks, whether it is hardware or software related it can be nerve-wracking. At Gadget Savers we understand how important having a working computer is, and we are dedicated to relieving as much downtime as possible for our customers when their computer fails – we strive to have computer repairs done within a 72-hour time frame. All Computer Repairs come with a 90-day warranty which covers our parts and our workmanship.

Gadget savers has been providing computer repair in Long Beach CA 90802 for years. Our computer repair service is unmatched because of highly trained technicians, impeccable customer service, and our affordable prices. Our computer repair facility is located in downtown Long Beach, CA 90802. Visit us today for a speedy computer repair. We also validate parking at our downtown long beach location.

Common Computer Repairs:

  • Hard Drive Replacements

  • SSD Upgrades

  • Data Transfer

  • Data Recovery

  • Screen Repairs

  • DC Jack Repair

  • Battery Replacements

  • OS Repair and Re-installation

Hard Drive Failures Explained:

Gadget Savers are Computer Repair professionals. Hard drives are mechanically made, which makes them prone to failure. There is a disk that spins in a hard drive which a laser pointer reads and writes data from. Hard drives can fail from being dropped, or just from the wear and tear from the moving parts within the hard drive. We always recommend to our customers that they upgrade to a solid state drive. Solid state drives have no moving parts, and work the same way as flash memory. This means that they are greatly more reliable, and are insanely quicker. Solid state drives boot within seconds, and make operating your computer all around smoother.

What Does Cloning My Hard Drive Mean?

Cloning a drive means to make an exact copy of your current drive and put it onto another drive. Why is this handy? Let us say your hard drive is running out of disk space, and you need to upgrade your storage. Our drive cloning service can copy all of your current data including your programs and documents, and put them onto a bigger and better drive within only a few hours. This way you can continue to use your computer without deleting any information.

Oh No! My Computer won’t Start, And I Need My Data!

We understand how important your data is no matter if your a big business, or a college student. We can extract data from failing hard drives and transfer them somewhere safe. All of our client’s data is handled with the utmost care. We store clients data only for a few days when recovering and transferring data. After a few days all data is safely purged. We also offer tips, and services to our customer for backing up their data and storing it securely in case of catastrophic failure. Get your Computer Repaired in Long Beach CA 90802 today!


Windows Computer Repair

Windows computers are notorious for operating system errors, and catastrophic failure. I think we all remember Meltdown and Spectre. This is when certain processors in Windows computers had a major security vulnerability. Microsoft tried to patch the security threat, and consumers found that after updating and restarting their computers, their computers would no longer function – this happens on a huge scale. Gadget Savers technicians are highly trained in disaster recovery for windows computers. Whether it be a major Windows corruption such as Meltdown and Spectre, or a simple startup error we can have you back up and running while saving your important data.

Common Windows Computer Repairs:

  • HP Laptop Repair

  • Dell Laptop Repair

  • Samsung Laptop Repair

  • Toshiba Laptop Repair

  • Lenovo Laptop Repair

  • Asus Laptop Repair

  • Acer Laptop Repair

  • Microsoft Surface Repair

HP Laptop Repair

Hewlett Packard (HP) was founded by Dave Packard in 1939. It was founded in his car garage in Palo Alto, California where it is headquartered today. The first HP product was an audio oscillator, which eventually catapulted into a multinational information technology company. HP makes fantastic computers with durable hardware. The weakest point on HP laptops is the hinges that connect the screen to the main body of the computer. The hinges break all the time because the mounts that the screws go into snap off. This stops the screen from opening and closing and sometimes rips the wifi antenna cable, and the LCD cable. Gadget Savers highly trained technicians can have your HP laptop back up and running in as little as 72 hours after it is dropped off.

Dell Laptop Repair

Dell was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 and is now one of the biggest technology corporations in the world. Dells first year in business they made 6 million dollars in sales, which is a staggering amount. Dell makes an amazing computer even today. The major flaw with Dell computer that we have noticed is that the DC jack’s mounting bracket is prone to breakage. We get an uncountable amount of broken DC jacks in our shop. The DC jack is the part that your charging wire plugs into, and if this breaks you won’t be able to change your Dell laptop. If this does happen to your laptop Gadget Savers technicians are fully prepared with the tools and parts to bring your dell laptop computer back to life.

Samsung Laptop Repair

Everyone knows Samsung they are one of the biggest companies in the world. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in South Korea, on March 1, 1938. Samsung makes everything from phones to appliances, to computers. Samsung computers, we think, are one of the best-built computers on the market. Their hardware is durable, and their OLED screens are amazing. In fact, Samsung makes OLED displays for a lot of its competitors, including Apple. Samsung computers are durable, but they are not impervious to breakage. Whether it be a failing hard drive or a broken screen, Gadget savers can repair Samsung laptops in under 72 hours without any problems.

Toshiba Laptop Repair

Toshiba was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1875. Ya Toshiba is an old company. In 1875 Toshiba first made telegraphic equipment. Toshiba computers are OK. They have the flaw both Dell and HP encompasses. Toshiba computers suffer from weak hinges, and weak DC jack mounting brackets. If one of these breaks it can render your Dell Laptop useless. Gadget Savers is dedicated to relieving as much downtime as possible by providing professional Dell laptop repair services, which are completed in under 72 hours.

Microsoft Surface Repair

Microsoft started the revolution we were waiting for in the computer industry. They created the Microsoft Surface. The Microsoft Surface is an amazing computer because it houses a full touch screen display, with a detachable keyboard, and runs Windows 10 which can complete tasks a normal computer can complete. Devices like the iPad seem useless when compared to the Microsoft Surface because of its full capability of being an actual computer, and also being a tablet. We applaud Microsoft for taking the step in the right direction. The most repairs we do for the Microsoft Surface is inflated batteries and screen repairs. If you need a Microsoft Surface repair, we can have it done quickly and efficiently.

Apple Computer Repair

Apple computers came onto the scene on April, 1 1976 and ever since then Apple has become the leader in mobile computing. Apple computers are simple to use, and are built with elegance. But, as with any technological device, they are not impervious to failure. The top 5 problems Apple computer repairs that we service are: failing hard drives, drive cloning/data transfers, password resets, email application configuring, and screen repairs. Gadget Savers is your #1 solution for Apple computer repairs in Long Beach, CA.

Common Apple Computer Repairs:

  • MacBook Repair

  • MacBook Pro Repair

  • MacBook Air Repair

  • iMac Repair

  • iMac Pro Repair

  • iMac Mini Repair

MacBook Repair

The MacBook Pro was released on January 10, 2006, and it revolutionized the laptop computer market. The MacBooks touchpad was unmatched at the time and still is. MacBooks are an amazing laptop computer, but they are not impervious to hardware failure. The main repairs Gadget Savers does for MacBook is failing hard drives, broken screen repair, keyboard repairs, trackpad repairs, and battery replacements. When your MacBook is damaged in any way trust Gadget Savers to bring your MacBook back to life.

MacBook Pro Repairs:

  • MacBook Pro Screen Repair

  • MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement

  • MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery

  • MacBook Pro Keyboard Repair

  • MacBook Pro Trackpad Repair

MacBook Air Repair

The MacBook Air was released on January 15, 2008. The MacBook Air brought with is a sleek thin design meant for consumers who needed a light computer. The MacBook air was appealing to college students and businessmen who traveled with their laptop a lot. Gadget Savers has fixed an uncountable number of MacBook air laptop computers. The main hardware we fix in MacBook Air laptops is broken screens, battery replacements, data recovery, and keyboard replacements. If you need your MacBook repaired quickly and professionally, please contact us today.

MacBook Air Repairs:

  • MacBook Air Screen Repair

  • MacBook Air Hard Drive Replacement

  • MacBook Air Battery Replacement

  • MacBook Air Data Recovery

  • MacBook Air Keyboard Repair

  • MacBook Air Trackpad Repair

iMac Repair

The iMac was released on August 1998. The iMac revolutionized the desktop computer industry because of its all in one design. The iMac was built for the average consumer and was made to be simple and intuitive. Apple definitely succeeded in doing this. The iMac’s hardware and software work in tandem to give consumers an unbelievably smooth experience when browsing the web and using its operating system. At Gadget Savers we repair the Apple iMac every day for our customers. The main issue we see with them are failing hard drives, data recovery, and data transfers. Trust Gadget Savers with your iMac, we can get you back up and running in no time.

  • iMac Hard Drive Repair

  • iMac Data Transfer

  • iMac Data Recovery

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Here at Gadget Savers we take pride in our warranty policy. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all computer repairs. This means that some repairs come with a lifetime warranty, which is stated in our warranty policy page. Our warranty does not cover physical damage, it only covers our parts and out workmanship. We try our hardest but It is impossible to get around defects when repairing electronics, and we are prepared to warranty any parts that may become defective over time.

Highest Quality Parts

Gadget Savers goes the extra mile by using the highest quality parts on the market for all Computer Repairs. High-quality parts provide a long lasting repair. Over the years we have built amazing relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Our parts meet OEM specification. If you have any questions about the parts we use, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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