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iPhone Screen Repair Pricelist

iPhone Model After Market Screen Original Screen
iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE/ N/A $59
iPhone 6 $55 $70
iPhone 6 Plus $60 $80
iPhone 6s $65 $80
iPhone 6s Plus $69 $99
iPhone 7 $69 $99
iPhone 7 Plus $69 $119
iPhone 8 $69 $119
iPhone 8 Plus $69 $139
iPhone X $250 $400

iPhone Repairiphone repair

The iPhone revolutionized the cell phone industry. When it was unveiled by Steve Jobs in 2007, everyone was shocked at how ahead of its time it was. The iPhone was the first smartphone equipped with an all touch screen design and no physical keyboard. The iPhone’s touch screen technology was groundbreaking with multi-touch controls. The iPhone was equipped with an accelerometer to sense if the iPhone was in landscape mode, it had a proximity sensor to turn off the screen when putting it up to your face during a call, and it had a light sensor that automatically adjusted the brightness of the screen. No other phone had this in 2007 and it started a revolution.

Gadget Savers has been providing iPhone repair Long Beach CA 90802 for years. We have fixed an uncountable number of iPhones. We validate parking at our downtown long beach location. Contact us today for a quick iPhone repair!

Common iPhone Repairs:

  • iPhone Screen Repair

  • iPhone Charging Port Repair

  • iPhone Battery Replacement

  • iPhone Camera Repairs

  • iPhone Button Repairs

iPhone Screen Repair

As great as the iPhone is, it is prone to catastrophic failure, which is why we offer iPhone Repair in Long Beach CA, 90802. The main piece of hardware that breaks or goes bad in the iPhone is the screen. The iPhone’s screen is made out of an all glass design, and we all know that glass will break no matter what, one way or another. Whether it is a simple drop on the carpet, or a drop down the stairs – iPhones are fragile. When an iPhone screen cracks it may till work properly but the cracked glass will not only be annoying, it can also cut your ear when making phone calls, or cut your fingers when being used. Another way your iPhone screen can break is if you see lines going down your screen. This means that the LCD (the part that controls the colors) has been damaged. When this part of the screen breaks the touch will not work properly, and the screen will just all around not be usable. Thankfully when Gadget savers repairs iPhones, we replace both the glass and LCD as one whole assembly.

iPhone screen repairs generally take about 20 minutes to complete after dropped off. Gadget Savers stocks every iPhone screen and completes all iPhone repair Long Beach CA 90802 in-house by well qualified technicians. Gadget savers offers two types of quality iPhone screens for repairs. We offer OEM quality iPhone screens, and High Quality Aftermarket screens. The main difference is that the Aftermarket screens colors are not as vibrant, and the the screen is a little less durable. Our OEM quality screens meet the standards of an original Apple screen and carries all of the same specifications.

iPhone Screen Repairs:

  • iPhone 5 screen repair

  • iPhone 6 screen repair

  • iPhone 6 plus screen repair

  • iPhone 6s screen repair

  • iPhone 6s plus screen repair

  • iPhone 7 screen repair

  • iPhone 7 plus screen Repair

  • iPhone 8 screen repair

  • iPhone 8 plus screen repair

  • iPhone X screen repair

  • iPhone XS screen repair

  • iPhone XS Max screen repair

  • iPhone XR screen repair

iPhone Repair For Charging Ports

Another common iPhone repair is iPhone charging port repair. The charging port is a small flex cable that runs from the bottom of your iPhone (where you plug in your lighting cable), and is connected to the motherboard. From constantly unplugging and replugging in your iPhone, the charging port can get damaged. If this does happen, don’t worry, it is a simple repair that only takes about a half hour. All we have to do is replace that flex cable with a brand new one, and connect it to the motherboard and have you back in action. 

iPhone Repair For Charging Ports:

  • iPhone 5 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6s charging port repair

  • iPhone 6s charging port repair

  • iPhone 7 charging port repair

  • iPhone 7 charging port repair

  • iPhone 8 charging port repair

  • iPhone 8 plus charging port repair

  • iPhone X charging port repair

  • iPhone XS charging port repair

  • iPhone XS Max charging port repair

  • iPhone XR charging port repair

iPhone Repair For Battery Replacements

Another iPhone Repair that Gadget Savers services a lot is iPhone battery replacements. iPhone batteries (and all other batteries) have a lifespan. iPhone batteries generally last about 2 years before they need to be replaced. The cells in the batteries just become overused and start to fail. One way to test your iPhone’s battery health is to check it in your iPhone’s settings. If the battery is below 70% it is highly recommended the battery is replaced. iPhone battery repairs only take about 15 minutes to complete. Gadget savers stocks all iPhone batteries, and all repairs are done in-house by our highly trained technicians.

iPhone Repair For Batteries

  • iPhone 5 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6s battery replacement

  • iPhone 6s battery replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

  • iPhone 8 battery replacement

  • iPhone 8 plus battery replacement

  • iPhone X battery replacement

  • iPhone XS battery replacement

  • iPhone XS Max battery replacement

  • iPhone XR battery replacement

iPhone Repair For Camera / Proximity Sensor Repair

The iPhone houses two cameras, the front facing camera and the rear facing camera. The front facing camera is actually housed inside the screen, and then plugs into the motherboard. The front camera, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor are all one piece. The proximity sensor controls how far away your iPhone is away from your face during calls, and the ambient light sensor controls auto brightness. If the front facing camera gets damaged, all three of these sensors can fail. But don’t worry it is a simple fix, all we would have to do is replace the whole front camera flex cable and your iPhone will be fully functional again. iPhone front facing camera repairs only take about 20 minutes to complete after dropping it off, and Gadget savers stocks all front facing cameras for iPhones.

The rear facing camera in the iPhone takes amazing pictures, but it is very vulnerable to breakage. The reasons the iPhone is easily damaged is because there are moving parts within the tiny rear facing camera, and when it takes fall damage the small parts inside the camera can become dislodged, and become dysfunctional. Gadget savers stocks all iPhone rear facing cameras, and the repair itself only takes about 20 minutes to complete in-house by one of our technicians.

iPhone Repair For Cameras

  • iPhone 5 camera repair

  • iPhone 6 camera repair

  • iPhone 6 camera repair

  • iPhone 6s camera repair

  • iPhone 6s camera repair

  • iPhone 7 camera repair

  • iPhone 7 camera repair

  • iPhone 8 camera repair

  • iPhone 8 plus camera repair

  • iPhone X camera repair

  • iPhone XS camera repair

  • iPhone XS camera repair

  • iPhone XR camera repair

iPhone Ear Speaker / Loudspeaker Repair

The iPhone houses two types of speakers. The most important speaker is the ear speaker which is the speaker at the top of your phone. The ear speaker connects into the front facing camera by small metal contacts. If the front facing camera flex cable goes bad it can cause the ear speaker to stop working. Does your ear speaker sound muffled? If so, then you may just need a new ear speaker all together. iPhone ear speaker repairs only take about 20 minutes to repair by one of our qualified technicians. iPhone loudspeakers are also prone to being damaged when dropped because of the small components within the speaker. If your loudspeaker is putting out distorted sound, we can easily provide iPhone repair for your loud speaker in under 30 minutes.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

As with all electronics, the iPhone is vulnerable to water because of its electrical nature. If water gets into an iPhone it can short out chips and capacitors in the iPhone causing catastrophic failure. The main cause of water damage to an iPhone is if it’s dropped in water, and then it is let to dry out on its own (even in rice). Letting water dry out on an iPhone’s motherboard will cause corrosion. This corrosion is caused by the minerals in the water, which will cause the iPhone motherboard to lose connections. After your iPhone is dropped into water, the best practice is to turn it off, and then take it to a certified technician to have the water manually cleaned off the motherboard. If the motherboard is not cleaned off manually, the iPhone will fail from corrosion. Gadget savers provides iPhone water damage clean outs at an affordable rate. Contact us today to revive your water damaged iPhone!

iPhone Buttons Repair

The iPhone houses 3 buttons (on the iPhone 8 and below). The power buttons, the volume buttons, and the home button. These buttons allow iPhone users to interact with their phones seamlessly, and when one of them break it can be quite annoying. The power button can be damaged by accidently hitting the button against a hard surface which will crush the small contact (the part that makes the button click) and cause it to get stick within the iPhone’s frame. This can also happen to the volume buttons. The Home button is connected to the iPhone’s screen so it is possible for the home button to not work if the screen is broken. If any of these buttons are broken on your iPhone bring it into Gadget Savers for a free diagnostic. We can have your iPhone backup and running in a jiffy.

iPhone Data Recovery

iPhones are consumers main powerhouse when it comes to communicating with loved ones, and storing pictures and videos. When your iPhone breaks and you realize that you did not backup any of your information to iCloud is can be devastating. Gadget Savers provides iPhone data recovery at a high success rate. We can recovery photos, videos, text messages, and notes and copy them to a flash drive for safe keeping. If you need Gadget Savers to recover data your your iPhone, please contact us today for a free quote!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Here at Gadget Savers we take pride in our warranty policy. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all iPhone repair Long Beach CA 90802. This means that some repairs come with a lifetime warranty, which is stated in our warranty policy page. Our warranty does not cover physical damage, it only covers our parts and out workmanship. We try our hardest but It is impossible to get around defects when repairing  electronics, and we are prepared to warranty any parts that may become defective over time.

Highest Quality Parts

Gadget Savers goes the extra mile by using the highest quality parts on the market for iPhone Repairs. High quality parts provides a long lasting iPhone repair. Over the years we have built amazing relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Our parts meet OEM specification. If you have any questions about the parts we use for iPhone repairs, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Price Match Guarantee

If you can find a lower iPhone repair price at another shop in Long Beach, not only will we match the price, but we will also throw on a free tempered glass screen protector.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach on the intersection of Long Beach Blvd. and Broadway. We validate parking!

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