Nuglas Tempered Glass


Looking for a screen protector? These Nuglas tempered glass screen protectors are one of the best on the market. These screen protectors are super thin at 0.3mm thick and don’t affect touch sensitivity, but are also super rugged and can protect your screen from scratches and cracks from simple drops. A Tempered glass screen protector is simply a hardened piece of glass that adheres onto your screen, this adds an extra layer of glass that will crack before your actual screen does.

Nuglas tempered glass is the best tempered glass that we have found compared to other inferior brands. Other brand’s tempered glass that we have tried are too thick and make the touch less sensitive, and also scratch / crack too easily.

We install all of our customer’s tempered glass for free, and our tempered glass screen protectors for smartphones come with a *one time free replacement with the receipt*.

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